Monday, January 10, 2011

Japan:Japanese fashion to world; starting "tokyoeye: girls/kids/tech"




The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) is promoting the “Cool Japan" project to promote Japan’s popular in the world cultural industries to the overseas market. As a part of the project, it will carry out a test marketing project “tokyoeye: girls/kids/tech” in Shanghai to support the advance of the Japanese fashion industry into the foreign market.

Specifically, “real clothes” that are drawing attention all over the world; high function textiles with a high consumption potential in China and children’s clothes characterized by their good design and high quality will be the subjects of the project. Test marketing of these products will be carried out in Shanghai from December this year.

By expanding the successful and already worldwide recognized area of “tokyoeye”,, METI aims to effectively promote many Japanese fashion brands in the overseas market.

In “tokyoeye” last fiscal year and this fiscal year, METI planned to advance Japanese cutting edge fashion with a feeling of “Tokyo now” into the overseas market through exhibitions with business talks as well as test marketing in China and France. In the coming event, however, it will promote “real clothes” that are globally drawing attention together with the sweep of “girl power”, high function textiles (for heat generation, thermal retention, water absorption, quick dry and so on) that expect a high potential of consumption in China and Japanese kids clothes characterized by their good design and high quality. It will carry out the test marketing project from this December.

In this test marketing “tokyoeye:girls/kids/tech”, 21 companies (seven brands for girls clothes, eight brands for children’s clothes and seven companies characterized by their technologies) selected by filter screening for a unique sense of “Cool” and “Kawaii” and evaluated to have a good design sense, high quality and to be competitive in the overseas market, will take part.

Japan has a unique culture, goods and services that are not found in other countries and regions. These attributes include the fashion of young people in Shibuya and Harajuku, high-performance electrical appliances in Akihabara, manga and anime with attractive stories and delicious food that reflects the high standards of quality control and traceability. They are talked about with the concept of “Cool Japan.”

METI actively promotes various measures across the government for cultural industries (= creative industries: design, anime, fashion, movies and other similar industries) in Japan’s strategic field of industry. They include assistance of advance into the foreign market, dissemination of related information in Japan and abroad as well as human resources development.

“tokyoeye” is a project carried out by METI to support the Japanese fashion industry in its advance to the overseas market.

This year, using filters of “Cool Japan” and “a Tokyo Perspective” METI will select several Japanese fashion brands that make people feel a sense of the cutting edge of Japanese fashion “now”. METI has held exhibitions with business talks and test marketing sales in Paris and Shanghai so as to support overseas development of Japanese fashion brands and improve their image. 

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