Thursday, October 13, 2011

Denmark:Launch of WRAPHABILLEMENT at RDB

Denmark:Launch of WRAPHABILLEMENT at RDB


Denmark:Launch of WRAPHABILLEMENT at RDB

Fashion designer and entrepreneur Elizabeth Roberts has launched WRAPHABILLEMENT, a new outerwear brand created by the designer for today's woman-on-the-go. Synthesizing Pacific Northwest technology and chic outerwear infused with international aesthetics combining career and art, WRAPHABILLEMENT is proud to debut its inaugural collection with The Royal Danish Ballet (RDB) and has been selected as the official outerwear provider for this world-class company.

WRAPHABILLEMENT is pleased to partner with the American Friends of The Royal Danish Ballet in this creative endeavor. Starting this month, this inspired line of jackets and coats will be introduced to the U.S. retail market through Trunk shows in Seattle, Chicago and San Francisco and online.

Drawing upon the best fabric inputs, and utilizing an innovative, patent-pending SMARTSHIELD pocket system, which decreases Cell Phone Specific Absorption Rates (SAR) by more than 95%, WRAPHABILLEMENT creates the essential balance between vogue and function.

The SMARTSHIELD pocket system, which protects the wearer from the invisible but real dangers of the electromagnetic frequencies and microwaves of her cell phone, allows the wearer to stay connected worry free while carrying her cell phone in her pocket. Offering style and performance, Roberts' designs are practical enough for walking the kids to school yet elegant enough for a glittering evening in any world capital.

"I was inspired to fuse fashion and function in outerwear to protect against both natural elements and those amplified by man and technology as I continually read reports documenting the very real dangers of having cell phones so close to your body," says designer Roberts. "With the SMARTSHIELD pocket system I developed, the wearer can be continuously connected while protected from her cellular phone's electromagnetic frequency and microwaves."

"Great ties of invention and inspiration have united Denmark and the U.S. throughout the 20th century. Design and dance are two areas where we have always excelled and been forward-looking. Working together we have touched the world in wonderful ways," says Nikolaj Hubbe, Artistic Director of The Royal Danish Ballet.

"In this century, Seattle is the international crossroads where technological breakthroughs, original thinking, and far-reaching solutions emerge almost daily. America and Denmark are focused on how we can preserve the environment and keep the earth and mankind safe.

"Beauty, form and performance standards are intrinsic to ballet. Good design in every aspect of life elevates and brings out the best in all of us. I am amazed and thrilled at how working with WRAPHABILLEMENT builds on these interests. I look forward to working with Elizabeth and seeing the dancers in her designs."

Key Features of WRAPHABILLEMENT include:
• SMARTSHIELD - an embedded patent-pending pocket system reduces cell phone EMF & microwaves, without limiting transmission or receipt of data and phone calls.