Friday, October 14, 2011

Poland:Autumn edition of Fashionphilosophy Fashion Week Poland

Poland:Autumn edition of Fashionphilosophy Fashion Week Poland


Poland:Autumn edition of Fashionphilosophy Fashion Week Poland

FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland will take place between the 26th -30th of October 2011.

Spring/Summer 2012 trends are going to be the centrepiece of the oncoming edition of FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland. Most events will be housed in Ksiezy Mlyn between the 26th and the 30th of October. All DESIGNER AVENUE and OFF OUT OF SCHEDULE shows, Designer and Brand Showroom exhibition area, YOUNG FASHION PHOTOGRAPHERS NOW and FASHION FILM FESTIVAL screenings will be held at a joint location on-site of Lodz Special Economic Zone (22/24 Tymienieckiego Street.

DESIGNER AVENUE is the most important and most spectacular of all Fashion Week Poland modules. This edition, DA shows will take place between the 27th and the 30th of October. The module allows to discover most interesting projects of leading designers, and witness the emergence of new brands selected by the Programme Board.

This time, FW visitors will have a chance to see the collections of the following designers: Agata Wojtkiewicz, Agnieszka Maciejak, Aleksandra Kmiecik, Bohoboco, Blessus, Joanna Klimas, Lucja Wojtala, Lukasz Jemiol, Michal Szulc, MMC Studio, Monika Ptaszek, Natalia Jaroszewska, Natasha Pavluchenko, Nenukko, Paprocki&Brzozowski duo, Piotr Drzala, Polygon, Shumik 100%, Wiola Wolczynska and Zuo Corp. Three special catwalk shows are also going to take place within this section of FWP. All together DESIGNER AVENUE module is a three-day long celebration of fashion with 23 catwalk shows of leading designers.

It has now become a tradition that avant-garde and debuting designer showcase their collections as a part of the OFF Out Of Schedule project. Between the 27th and 30th of October, Spring/Summer 2012 collections will be presented by the following designers: Alisa Bieniek, AL, Dominika Naziebly, Jacek Klosinski-Hyakinth, Jaroslaw Ewert, Joanna Paradecka, Karolina Gerlich, Katarzyna Górecka, Lukasz Stachowicz, Magdalena Kubalanca, Maldoror, Marcin Podsiadlo, Martyna Czerwinska, Olga Szynkarczuk, Paulina Plizga, Paulina Poloz and Sylwia Rochala.

Traditionally, the OFF module of Fashion Week Poland will be accompanied by YOUNG FASHION PHOTOGRAPHERS NOW exhibition presenting the works of young photographers, who see fashion with fresh eyes and oldly experiment with individual non-standard means of expression.

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