Friday, September 2, 2011

China:International Fashion Festival to start next week

China:International Fashion Festival to start next week


From September 7 to 9th, the grand 13th Jiangsu International Fashion Festival is going to be held in Hexi International Expo of Nanjing. The festival is organized by National Industry Department and Jiangsu province government, on the occasion, three exhibition halls will be used with size of nearly 45,000 kilometers. It is predicted that tens of thousands of visitors from more than 10 countries will be present.

The fashion festival has been a good platform for those dresses, textile enterprises or dress trading companies to have an idea of dress trends, and get some way of cooperation. More about promotion or publicity will be made to allow more people the chance to visit the festival and understand the traditional Chinese dress and local specials. Shenzhen Wuzhou Changlian International Trading Co. is going to attend such a grand festival to improve themselves.

As a leading dress distributor, Wuzhou Changlian always puts the customer first, and in the basis of present materials, designs, elaborate handcrafts to expand them more and more, and tried trendy styles into the dress on and on to keep up to the trend. Aiming to reach all customers with different budgets and ages, complexions, Wuzhou Changlian is offering cheap formal dresses, or for those special occasions, like cheap evening dresses or cheap cocktail dresses.

Meanwhile, elegant and luxurious dress are also available in dozens of colors. Besides, for those customers who don't want to spend more out of budget, we also introduced models of dresses which can present in different occasions, thus customer just need to alter the related jewelries to suit well.