Thursday, November 17, 2011

USA:Fashion Flux for dedicated to Chicago’s designers

USA:Fashion Flux for dedicated to Chicago’s designers


Chicago continues to make head-way with rising small business and a vibrant fashion community. Chifa Elite & MK Designs is hosting an event dedicated to Chicago’s Local designers, stylist, retailers, and small businesses. Fashion Flux is a networking mixer for fashion enthusiast, entrepreneurs, wardrobe stylist, retailers, and small business owners, this chic networking mixer will take place at the Louisiana inspired CREOLE restaurant Le Fleur De Lis Chicago.

Due to the pulse of the city changing, new mayor Rahm Emanuel and gentrification, Chicago is experiencing a paradigm shift. Neighborhoods are changing, small businesses are sprouting and Mayor’s push for the arts and think tank incentives, will push Chicago to become the Mecca of commerce in North America.

On Saturday November 19, 2011, Chifa Elite & MK designs presents-“Fashion Flux” from 10p-2a for all the fashion enthusiast and tastemakers at the newest premier Creole restaurant Le Fleur De Lis, in the heart of Bronzville, 301 E. 43rd Street. An epic night of networking, good music, and connecting with progressive lifestyle oriented professionals. There is no fee for admission, signature cocktails specials consist of, “The Fashiontini” for the ladies, and “Hurricane Don”, for the men.

Chifa Elite & MK designs have produced several high end events in Chicago. The focus is to create the right buzz in this city. This networking event is essential considering today’s economy, where networking extends beyond the boardroom and neighborhoods.

The mission is to create the atmosphere, which produce an experience to remember but also create a pathway for talent and businesses to be supported in their home town. BumbleBee Network focus is Bridging the Gap- Where Art Meets Business. Bumblebee’s business model is the RRR effect. Right People, Real Purpose, Right Results. This methodology guarantees the right solutions.

At BumbleBee we understand the intimacy and skills needed to build solid business relationships. They are changing the face of how we do business. They will connect you with the right industry professionals that understand the benefits of barter and sponsorship. BumbleBee Network ascends to a higher level of excellence, they are truly dedicated to putting the CARE back in business.

“XXX” Crystal Jones Founder/CEO of Chifa Elite a division of BumbleBee Network states: Chicago is a great city we welcome everyone. There is no reason segregation should exist regarding talent, progression and moving this city to becoming the best city in AMERICA. New York does a great job with breaking barriers and supporting emerging talent and commerce. If they do it, why cant’s we.