Sunday, November 6, 2011

India:Nagaland hosts Kids Wear Designer Contest & Fashion Show

India:Nagaland hosts Kids Wear Designer Contest & Fashion Show


Kids Wear Designer Contest and Fashion Show based on the theme “Young or Old, fashion is for all” was held in Dimpaur, the largest city in the Northeast Indian State of Nagaland.

Kids dressed up in innovative eye-catching creations of designers walked the ramp at the event organized by the K Creative Institution, Dimapur.

Well-known dignitaries from the fashion industry like Tokatoli Shohe, Rosou Rhi and Centy J judged the show.

In his capacity as the Chief Guest at the show, Azheto Zhimomi, MLA and Advisor, Sericulture and Cooperation, Government of Nagaland, said fashion industry is one of the most rapidly flourishing industries across the globe in terms of business advancement and popularity.

Bearing in mind that fashion designing is an unusual enterprise and is still in its early stage, he commended K Creative Dimapur’s owner Kheholi for her bold venture.

Mr. Azheto said the fashion business in the country is flourishing as India is rapidly becoming fashion conscious.

Talking about Nagaland, he said one may have to face several roadblocks and difficulties to establish oneself as a designer in the State, especially while promoting own products in initial stages. But in spite of this, Nagaland designers have stood up to all the challenges and proved that they have all the potential to be successful designers.

Lauding the designers from the State, he said they have successfully started making a splash at several national as well as international fashion events.

He added that career as a designer or model is not all fun or glamour, rather it calls for efficient planning, accurate goals and dedication and thus advised the designers to fuse their talents with disciplined lifestyle and determination to achieve success.