Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Zealand:iD Fashion Week reveals identity image

iD Fashion Week reveals identity image


iD Fashion Week reveals identity image

Dark, dramatic and ethereal are terms used to illustrate the creative concept for new iD Dunedin Fashion Week identity image. The new identity image will be used on all of the promotional material for the 2011.

Following on from 2010, the image will be created locally drawingon the talent of Luke Johnston, owner of Dunedin based BrandAid along with the Ali McD model agency. This year Otago Polytechnic fashion lecturer and stylist Margo Barton and photographer Emily Hlavac-Green will be involved in the photoshoot.

Each year we look to develop a high fashion image which becomesthe new identity for iD Dunedin Fashion Week, Margo Barton of theiD Dunedin Fashion Week Committee said.

“This year the photoshoot brings a slightly more surreal element to the identity image. The night shoot combined collection items from designers featuring in the iD Dunedin Fashion Week, in a heritage location and illustrates the fashion style Dunedin is known for – dark, moody but also glamourous and vibrant.”

Luke Johnston said, “The idea was to create a dramatic and surreal feeling with a seemingly gravity defying model floating in a mysterious Dunedin location.”

BrandAid will develop the identity to become a recognisable icon of the fashion week which will feature on all promotional material developed by BrandAid and will appear on the iD Dunedin Fashion Week website.

The compelling new identity features 18-year-old Dunedin model Zoe Cadzow from the Ali McD modelling agency. Zoe will be leaving Dunedin shortly to study architecture in Wellington. Zoe began modelling with Ali McD Agency at 13 years of age.

iD Awards Show – Friday 8 April and Saturday 9 April 2011. 

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