Wednesday, February 16, 2011

USA:G-Star’s NY RAW Autumn/Winter collection rocks

G-Star’s NY RAW Autumn/Winter collection rocks


G-Star’s NY RAW Autumn/Winter collection rocks

G-Star's Metropolitan Explorer inspired NY RAW Autumn/Winter 2011 collection was shown at New York Fashion Week. The characteristic modern 3D denim approach and craftsmanship of the specialist denim brand were combined with elegant fabrics from1920's city life, fused with outdoor utilities in a dark color palette including raw indigo, hunting green and utility grey.

This season showcased surprising hidden functionalities, based on 1920's explorers fused with elegant tailoring. This reflects the 'unexpected combinations' philosophy at the heart of the G-Star brand.

Highlights included the New Charlie Pant for men, featuring a 3D-shaped leg and extreme high back, originally to protect from weather conditions at sea, and inspired by an over pant, which creates volume. The padded Jade Skirt for women featured an extreme knee silhouette created for protection, whilst looking elegant due to high tech tailoring. It was combined with the utility Selwyn Vest, featuring a waxed finish inspired by early North Sea fishermen, who would rub linseed oil into their smocks for waterproofing and windproofing.

Representation of the Metropolitan Explorer theme included the Launceton Coat for both men and women, featuring a storm collar and the natural insulating properties of wool to create a weather proof piece, whilst having a refined tailored silhouette. The city camouflage modern geometric print in the collection also underpinned the core theme, as expressed in the Mackay Jacket.

The G-Star runway show took place at Lincoln Center where guests viewed the NY RAW Autumn/Winter 2011 collection featuring G-Star's modern 3D denim approach and craftsmanship, combined with elegant tailoring, fused with outdoor utilities. 

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