Wednesday, February 16, 2011

USA:Horiyoshi III A/W women's and men's collection at Project

Horiyoshi III A/W womens and mens collection at Project


Horiyoshi III A/W womens and mens collection at Project

Horiyoshi Worldwide Inc is pleased to announce that Horiyoshi the Third's newly designed Autumn / Winter 2011-12 Women's and Men's Collection will be displayed at Project Fashion Week, in Las Vegas from February 14th - 16th.

The full collection - which includes knitwear, outerwear, leather goods along with scarves, and jerseys - will be showcased to buyers, distributors and the international fashion media.

Since 2003, Project Fashion Week has served as an internationally recognized advanced contemporary fashion event. It is a destination that brings together innovative contemporary brands with forward thinking global retailers and serves as a cross roads for the newest fashion trends.

Dawn Green - Commercial Director of Horiyoshi Worldwide explains, "Project Fashion Week is an event that the fashion industry looks to for artistic inspiration. Retailers attending the show want to connect with new innovative brands that they believe will have staying power.

For over four decades, Horiyoshi III has proven that there is something deeply appealing to his artistic designs. Our goal is to introduce the Horiyoshi brand to a wider audience and the Project exposes us to a significant number of potential new distribution partners. We believe there is an enormous opportunity to connect with the public, and significantly grow the brand." 

France:Horiyoshi the Third’s A/W men’s collection at Paris Fashion Week