Saturday, March 5, 2011

France:PremiГЁre Vision / Expofil: a double-digit increase

a double-digit increase


a double-digit increase

Stronger together! The PremiГЁre Vision Pluriel shows again reaffirm the strength of their unique ensemble.

For the edition that just closed (8-10 February 2011), attendanceclimbed by 6.5% compared to the February 2010 session, with 55,792 visits by fashion professionals from over 100 countries. This remarkable vitality was driven by the dynamism of each individual show, with all six events (Expofil, PremiГЁre Vision, Indigo, Le Cuir Г  Paris, ModAmont, Zoom by Fatex) registering increases.

The rise in numbers was accompanied by a very positive business climate at all the shows.Beyond the enthusiastic reception for the season's new creations and innovations, discussion in the aisles and stands focussed on the soaring prices of raw materialsand supplies. This is an issue of uncertainty and often concern for fashion sector businesses, and will surely play a major role in the markets in the coming months.

A notable increase in pre-registrations already pointed to a successful edition. And the three days of the show have confirmedand amplified on this early positive indicator. With 45,135 professional visits, PremiГЁre Vision and Expofil togetherregistered a 10.3% increase over February 2010. The double-digit growth testifies to a certain recovery in the markets, and underlines the draw that the world's premier fabrics' show has onthe fashion world.

A view expressed by Franco Lay, head of exports for the Italian company Giolica srl, participating for the first time in the show. "The show brought us results that were above our expectations, and our clients liked our fashion proposals.Thanks to PremiГЁre Vision, the number of clients able to view our collection was very high."

International visitors, one of the show's matchless assets, continue to register remarkable scores, and now represent over 72% of total visits.

All major geographic zones reflected increases.

Americans crossed the Atlantic in significant numbers to be here at the Paris event. The United States alone accounted for some 1,500 visits, a rise of close to 10% over the comparable 2010 session. South America also showed a strong increase of 10.3% for the whole of the sub-continent. Brazil, the leading country in the South American textile industry, where PremiГЁre Vision has recently established a joint venture, showed a rise of 13.7%.

A similar growth dynamic was found for Argentina (+ 30%),Venezuela (+ 18.2%), Colombia (+ 8.7%) and Mexico (+ 6.8%). A similar vitality was manifested on the other side of the globe, with Asian visits as a whole rising by 30.4%. Attendance by Japanese professionals picked up 28%, to reach 1,253 visits. As for China, in spite of an overlap with the Chinese New Year celebrations, the country strengthened its presence with a growthof more than 41% in number of visits. Chinese professionals are currently pleased with the welcome extended to them at the exhibitors' stands.

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