Wednesday, March 23, 2011

USA:GWEN BELOTI debuts Concerted Versatility

GWEN BELOTI debuts Concerted Versatility


GWEN BELOTI debuts Concerted Versatility

Having always had her own specific vision of what fashion is Gwen Beloti is pleased to launch her sixth collection, “Concerted Versatility”.

Feb. вЂ11 the Gwen Beloti Collection debuted its Fall 2011 collection in NYC; a compilation of quality and stylish pieces suitable for an array of occasions. The color pallet exuding a sense of warmth and comfort intensified with a subtle glow.

The inspiration for this collection was versatility. The goal was to create a line that was versatile yet cohesive. It is comprised of pieces that could be mixed and matched and paired with items already in the closet. There is a piece in here for every woman.

This collection divulges Gwen’s growth as a designer and the line’s affirmation as a brand. This womenswear clothing line that encompasses style and quality with an assortment of quality fabrics and unique designs conveys what the designer’s definition of fashion is.

The Gwen Beloti line prides itself on being able to provide original and distinctive garments and accessories for its customer; and enjoys catering to the woman who strives for quality and style on all occasions.