Thursday, March 26, 2009

Germany:Bodylook Style World for a sensual trade fair experience

Germany:Bodylook Style World for a sensual trade fair experience


Germany:Bodylook Style World for a sensual trade fair experience

Bodylook has ended its creative “withdrawal phase” and kicks off the coming summer event with an all-new look. “Progressive, contemporary and sensitive – this is our new Bodylook. This signature style will be something you can see and experience – starting with a new logo through to all communication measures and the event itself,” explains Kirstin Deutelmoser, Director of Bodylook.

The consumer and their style worlds as targets of the trade and industry’s every deed and action are at the focus of the new concept. Forming out of these goals are eventful Bodylook worlds where top national and international brands will easily find their place. Each world has its own character and its own atmosphere underlined by special stand constructions and clear definitions.

Commenting on this Project Manager Angelika Grammozi said: “We offer our exhibitors an attractive staging and story for the presentation of their collections. Awaiting visitors is a pool of ideas arousing all the senses.”

The largest of the new worlds is called Downtown reflecting the economic centre where most things happen. Found here is the world of commercial and influential brands. A wide range of exhibitors that are demanding, quality-conscious, consumeroriented and established will be showcasing their collections here. A clear, arena-like structure featuring high stand constructions towards the outside and low constructions and concept stands towards the inside characterises the appearance of Downtown.

Visitors to Boutique Hotel can look forward to luxurious collections. Checking in here will be high-quality brands for demanding tastes with glamorous elements and sophisticated design. This area exudes discreet luxury with an atmospheric concept area in the style of an exquisite, star-rated hotel.

Welcome to the recreation ground of creativity – Playground. This is where unconventional, progressive and lifestyle brands will find their new home. It is an experimental arena for innovative ideas and action, for trying out something new. The new concept stands made of cardboard invite you to live out new ideas. At Candy Shop a touch of seduction hangs in the air. Awaiting visitors in the shop for those sweet things in life are attractive complements to the range from little erotic accessories through to seductive collections.

Networking, relaxation and enjoyment are all possible to the same extent at UNION SQUARE. The central point uniting everything. The catwalk and media concept is currently being reworked. Here, too, you can look forward to something new. For Bodylook, as the most important international specialist platform in Germany, partnership a very great priority. Which is why invitation management has been intensified as a dialogue between the trade fair and exhibitors.

Bodylook visitors registering early online enjoy free admission. A Bodylook hotel with special rates for visitors and exhibitors can now be booked. The updated Innovation Forum and the Bodylook Party for the entire sector round off the range. Currently the Bodylook team is presenting its new concepts to the industry at various showcase events. Acceptances have already been received from:

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