Saturday, March 14, 2009

Switzerland:Ciba presents new colors and effects at in-cosmetics 2009

Switzerland:Ciba presents new colors and effects at in-cosmetics 2009


Switzerland:Ciba presents new colors and effects at in-cosmetics 2009

Ciba is presenting a variety of colors and effects at in-cosmetics in Munich from April 21-23 at stand C600. A special focus will be on colors, including new anionic hair dyes and novel high sparkle effect pigments for cosmetics, as well as innovative stabilizers such as Ciba TINOGARD LO1, an antioxidant based on lactone chemistry. Another highlight is the newly launched Ciba website offering shades and recipes for bar soaps and a new shade card on “Esthetic Aspects of Bar Soaps”.

New colors and effects for hair dyes and cosmetic grade pigments
The launch of four new Ciba VIBRACOLOR Anionic (Acid) Hair Dyes extends the range of Ciba hair dye products. The colors are designed for semi permanent and temporary applications such as color refreshing shampoos or conditioners, tinting creams and gels and allow very brilliant and strong fashion shades, even fluorescent colorations are possible. Additionally, these dyes allow for colorations with high permanency.

Ciba is expanding its Ciba CALISHA Color collection of cosmetic grade pigments with a new range of six unique high chroma, high sparkle effect pigments. The new CALISHA Impressions collection offers the personal care formulator new and innovative approaches to delivering color. Each of the six novel effect pigments imparts a very bright, noticeable color to consumer products and is available in water as well as oil dispersible grades.

Online library with new shades and recipes for bar soaps
Building on its long expertise in color matching, Ciba has launched an online library containing more than seventy bar soap shades and recipes on its website enabling formulators to pick or develop a recipe for their desired shades. In addition, a new shade card on Esthetic Aspects of Bar Soaps using Ciba VIBRACOLOR and PURICOLOR Dyes and Pigments, as well as Ciba CALISHA Pearl Pigments, is available.

Expanding the range of stabilizers
Ciba TINOGARD LO1, a new antioxidant based on lactone chemistry, is a highly effective stabilizer to prevent deterioration of ingredients sensitive to oxidation, like perfumes, natural oils and fatty acids. It protects rinse-off products as well as leave-on formulations efficiently against thermo-oxidative degradation such as rancidification and color changes.

Lactone based antioxidants help to increase the formulator’s freedom significantly: They present an ideal addition to phenolic systems because of the difference in reactivity and the ability to scavenge different types of radical species. Additionally, lactone type antioxidants can be used stand-alone where phenolic antioxidants are ineffective or even incompatible (e.g. color reactions).

Ciba is further expanding its offering of stabilizers with the new Ciba TINOGARD QS Excited State Quencher. The new powder version is 100% active, water and alcohol free, and has a better compatibility with oil based formulations than the liquid version.

The Ciba ESQ Excited State Quencher technology reduces the potential for light induced degradation reactions by minimizing the lifetime of exited states and inhibiting side reactions of excited state intermediates. Additionally Excited State Quenchers work synergistically in combination with TINOGARD broadband UV Absorbers, boosting the overall light stability of formulations. 

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