Friday, March 20, 2009

USA:SOLFX sunwear to help wearers look great

USA:SOLFX sunwear to help wearers look great


USA:SOLFX sunwear to help wearers look great

Transitions Optical Inc unveiled plans to bring its photochromic technology to more consumers through increased focus on its sunwear business, unveiling a new product concept and the Transitions SOLFX sunlens brand during the Transitions Championship.

Unlike Transitions lenses, which are everyday lenses that are clear indoors and at night and darken outdoors in reaction to the sun, Transitions SOLFX products are sunwear. The lenses have an initial tint and then self-adjust outdoors with the sun, automatically changing level of darkness – and even color – to provide optimal vision in sun and shade, and eliminating the need to put on and take off sunglasses as light conditions change. Available in prescription and non-prescription forms, Transitions SOLFX sunlenses are specifically designed to help wearers look great, see better and perform at their best.

"Because traditional sunglasses are static and have only one level of darkness, consumers are often left with sunglasses that are too dark in low light conditions or not dark enough in bright light," said Grady Lenski, director, Transitions sunwear.

New Product Concept
Initially, all new products will be focused in three categories, according to Lenski – sports, style and specialty. During the launch, sports vision and training specialist Lawrence D. Lampert, O.D., F.C.O.V.D, shared details of one new product concept currently in testing by several PGA TOUR players.

The product has been designed to provide high contrast in low light conditions, then move to a darker, color-neutral shade to reduce glare and provide optimal vision in bright light conditions, while still providing a true, yet improved read of the green.

"For every day, Transitions lenses are my top choice to reduce glare and improve contrast to help me see my best," said Trevor Immelman, a PGA TOUR member currently ranked within the top 25 in the world. "Since I'm always looking for a competitive advantage, I'm also excited about Transitions SOLFX sunlenses, which bring the benefits of regular Transitions lenses to sunwear and have been optimized to specific tasks – including golf – where vision is vital to success."

"Professional athletes know how dramatically light can change throughout the course of a golf game, and players need a sunglass lens that will shift automatically with the changing light," Lampert added. 

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