Thursday, March 26, 2009

USA:вЂWhat not to wear’ will change your style

USA:вЂWhat not to wear’ will change your style


USA:вЂWhat not to wear’ will change your style

myShape Inc is making it easier for women to look great at 20, 30 and 40. myShape provides each member her own Personal Shop, with fashions and accessories that match her fit, flatter her shape and reflect her personal style. Patty Fox,'s Chief Creative Officer, Fashion Coordinator for the Academy Awards, and best-selling author, offers what not to wear dressing tips for every age and style!

Women in their 20s face some big changes in their lives; many will enter the workforce as professionals, many will marry and many will have their first child. Each of these milestones brings challenges for what not to wear! "Before starting out in the workforce, a woman will want to experiment with and then identify her personal style," concedes Fox. "Defining your Personal Style is all about identifying who you are and sticking to it."

In her 30s, a woman may find herself in a leadership role at work or be faced with a different body shape after having children. "These events can change how a woman shops, but what not to wear and her personal style should not shift dramatically," states Fox. The most important thing according to Fox is that women should be buying clothes that fit their body shape without losing focus on her personal style.

By the time a woman reaches her 40s, she has a very clear idea of who she is, though the work world may have her re-evaluating her wardrobe for an interview or a new career altogether. Some women may reach for younger looks or fashions that have personal nostalgia attached to them, but Fox offers a what not to wear warning that includes not wearing reruns!

"If a trend is back in style, it's usually not a good idea to buy into it because trendy looks are geared towards younger consumers and are shaped and made for younger bodies and budgets. Stick to your personal style and accent your wardrobe with one or two flashier pieces as long as they fit well and mesh with the rest of your wardrobe," advises Fox.  

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