Monday, June 14, 2010

USA:Perry Olsen to offer Christian Audigier men's jewelry


Perry Olsen, a leading online retailer of gold and diamond jewelry, has partnered with fashion mogul Christian Audigier to offer his personally designed jewelry collection. The line is a mixture of pendants, rings, earrings and bracelets featuring rock inspired design with an urban flair. Each piece presents detailed craftsmanship highlighting the artistic quality of the Christian Audigier jewelry brand. Themes range from hearts, wings, flowers to skulls and swords.

Together, Perry Olsen and Christian Audigier focus on the latest in men's luxury jewelry design, a growing market now consisting of some 10 percent of retail jewelry sales translating to over 6 billion dollars per year. "The men's jewelry market continues to grow as the entrance of Christian Audigier bold and sophisticated design will serve to inspire more designers to follow," said Tom Diep of Perry Olsen.

Christian Audigier designer jewelry is made primarily with solid sterling silver marked with gold accents and set with cubic zircoina diamond simulated stones. Most pieces are carved with intricate patterns often displaying a merger of symbols, images or objects such as a grenade with wings or a sword pierced heart. To achieve a vintage appeal an oxidation process is used creating contrasting shadow-like darkened areas against the silvery colored surface.

Coming from the high fashion world of France, Christian Audigier has developed designs for popular modern day brands including Von Dutch, Kookai, Lee and Affliction. He has also successfully launched popular brands such as Ed Hardy, SMET, Paco Chicano, Savoir Faire and Rock Fabulous. In particular, Ed Hardy has gained iconic status in the modern day fashion environment as the brand is donned by celebrities and civilians alike. As a result, Audigier has expanded his design interests into the growing market of men's jewelry.

Perry Olsen specializes in gold and diamond jewelry focusing on men's wedding bands made in gold, platinum, tungsten, titanium and steel. Perry Olsen also carries a wide array of diamond jewelry for women including pendants, earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces. 

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