Wednesday, April 1, 2009

India:Pepe Jeans London unveils the Street Collection

India:Pepe Jeans London unveils the Street Collection


India:Pepe Jeans London unveils the Street Collection

Pepe Jeans London, unveils the Spring 2009 collection across the nation. Keeping in mind the summer season the collection `Street’ is very casual and day wear for men and women.

The Street Collection for Men is created for the summery, sweltering hot days. Colours like sour greens, yellow sorbets, raspberry, milkshake pink, lilac complete the day wear look. Complimenting these colours are the range of ginghams and fine checks which form the basis of a classic London look.

Vintage Union Jacks emblazoned across t-shirts and nostalgic photographs of summer days gone by showcase the British life graphics. Colour palette of raspberry, sour greens, yellow sorbets and ice shades compliment the military tones of the trousers.

Street Women, for both the young, creative girl and the more sophisticated, fashion conscious woman. The inspiration for the younger part of the collection is influences which fall between London and Tokyo, graphic art and my-space. T-shirts, sweats and knitwear in various weights are combined with creative graphic placements.

Pixilated hearts, new interpretations of classic folk embroidery and poppies, both hand stitched and printed, adorn this group. Utilitarian tones of black, white, grey, khaki greens and beige are complimented by summer bright tones of banana, apple, bubblegum pink, turquoise and strawberry. Soft pastel shades of lemon, milkshake pink and lilac complete a summer colour palette.

Pepe Jeans London has a wide range of wallets, belt, caps, socks, bags, etc on display. Drop by to pick up the latest trends and style and flaunt them as you strut your way through summer. 

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