Saturday, April 4, 2009

Italy:Cby spring/summer fashion rules create a unique look

Italy:Cby spring/summer fashion rules create a unique look


Italy:Cby spring/summer fashion rules create a unique look

The Cby woman is always curious, surprising and dynamic. The result is a personal style that is unique and unexpected and the Cby collection is a trusted ally: tailored pieces are transformed by light summer fabrics, whilst the new styles change the avant-garde into daily glamour.

The secret is to play freely with fashion rules, creating a unique look thanks to the special touch of every Cby woman. Every road hides a journey. Cby combines style and practicality, a touch of fashion and performance. The materials multiply contaminations: rainproof technical fabrics combine with natural fibres, audaciously interpreting fashion shapes and translating them into practical tailored pieces of impeccable taste.

Shiny and opaque blend with surprising results. There’s chintz linen, treated to give it a waxy consistency that illuminates the surface and adds to the feel, whilst the new cotton reflects colour in unusual ways and plays with the warm light of summer. Technical fabrics are sophisticated and luminescent and soft and elegant to the touch.

The sporty feel lies in their carefree and exuberant use. Shapes are pure glamour: shiny microfibre, new reflective ottoman fabric with precious mother-of-pearl style highlights and unusual shiny marble-effect nylon. Every journey is a discovery.

The key pieces of the Cby collection are reinvented thanks to surprising details and shapes, irresistible contaminations for the Cby woman who is always looking for new ideas. The blazer adopts a new image, with ultra-light padding that keeps the body warm, but is almost imperceptible.

Biker jackets show a rock-chic soul that is softened by a touch of linen and adorned with surprising details for the most discerning. Increasingly, parkas are a sign of freedom, especially in the new version with short sleeves and central, “pouch-style” pockets, whilst safari jackets are the symbol of the daily adventure undertaken by every style pioneer. Finally, for cool summer nights, Cby proposes a shirt jacket that is soft, unstructured, elegant and extremely feminine.

In every piece, Cby goes beyond convention and creates a style that can be worn 24 hours a day, with a fashion touch thanks to elegant, transparent PVC profiles that transform the most nonchalant styles into key pieces for all occasions. Every journey is a meeting.

Performance and style, charisma and audacity inspire the Cby men’s collection: a selection of pieces with clean lines and a strong personality. There are also safari-style wind jackets with large front pockets and blousons that are the perfect blend of performance and style for men. 

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