Saturday, April 4, 2009

USA:Skins Footwear to focus on travel industry opportunity

USA:Skins Footwear to focus on travel industry opportunity


USA:Skins Footwear to focus on travel industry opportunity

Skins Footwear Inc developer and marketer of unique patented two-piece interchangeable footwear has inked an agreement with Donna Touchette travel industry veteran to exploit the distribution opportunity within the travel industry. Donna will focus on travel agencies, cruise line boutiques, and travel resort and spa boutiques.

Her vast experience and connections within the travel business and her accessibility to countless regional and national travel events make her the ideal candidate to introduce the Skins concept as a natural travel accessory.

Mark Klein, President and Founder stated, “Our collapsible footwear is a natural for consumers who travel. The ability to wear one Bone over which countless uppers can be built out allows the traveler to pack numerous Skins (uppers) in the space ordinarily required for a single pair of shoes. The fact that airlines are charging consumers to check baggage amplifies the advantages of Skins over ordinary footwear.

The bonus is that each built out Skin and Bone combination provides our consumer with consistent fit and all day comfort.

We believe current market conditions will reward companies unencumbered by traditional paradigms who seek logical alternatives to current distribution. The travel industry appears to be a natural fit for Skins.”

Ms Touchette replied, “Early response to the Skins story from the industry leaders has been very positive. I believe this is a wonderful opportunity to add significant value to the services they provide while opening up an important non traditional channel of distribution for Skins”.

Dennis Walker, Skins Senior Vice President of Sales commented, “Internet travel alone has become a 1.4 trillion dollar industry in the US. We believe there are synergies that make the industry a perfect fit for who we are as a brand and for what we can offer the consumer who travels. To my knowledge, we are the first footwear brand to make the connection”. 

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