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UK:Mathew Avedon as new face of John Lewis menswear

UK:Mathew Avedon as new face of John Lewis menswear


UK:Mathew Avedon as new face of John Lewis menswear

John Lewis announces Mathew Avedon as the face for John Lewis menswear marking the launch for its Spring/Summer fashion campaign. The announcement sees the department store group tapping into the newly emerging “Machosexual” era. With consumer trend experts at London Metropolitan University and John Lewis’ Head of Creative concurring that this year will see the rise of the “Machosexual” as a result of changes in the global economy.

Paul Porral, Head of Creative at John Lewis, says: “Today’s changing and challenging environment will signal the end of an era for the much-celebrated metrosexual male, who made his debut in the mid 90’s.”

Adrian Edwards, Head of Menswear Buying at John Lewis, adds: “Around 70% of menswear purchases at John Lewis are at least co-stimulated by women, so it is important that the male image to support our Spring Summer menswear campaign resonates with women as well. We felt that the changing economy has created a massive shift away from the вЂmetrosexual’. We briefed our agency to create a campaign featuring a distinctly вЂmachosexual male’ - who like Sean Penn or Clive Owen - exudes a traditional ideal of masculinity as well as that of a style icon.”

John Lewis set out to find a model who would epitomise this emerging male archetype. Choosing Matthew Avedon, a super-model renowned for spending no time in the gym, preferring instead to skateboard. Avedon’s rugged good looks and chiselled features have led him to numerous runway appearances and advertising campaigns from Calvin Klein to Giorgio Armani.

Paul Porral, Head of Creative at John Lewis, says: “Our male customer will identify more with the machosexual archetype than the metrosexual. Whilst he is style aware, he is unlikely to fight for mirror space with his girlfriend or borrow her fake-tan or hair-spray. We felt Mathew fitted our brief perfectly, he presents a quintessential masculine look.”

Where the hallmarks of the вЂMetrosexual’ are: sensitivity, acceptance and softness; the current changing economy has forced men and women to reconsider the way they choose to dress and express themselves. Jeremy Baker at the London Metropolitan University and John Lewis’ Creative Director Paul Porrall define the hallmarks of the modern day “Machosexual”.

The Machosexual:

В§ An outdoor sports enthusiast: Participation is key.

В§ A protector: He will take care of his family and community.

§ His work style: He looks great and feels comfortable in a suit, from Hackett or Charlie Allen, slightly waisted highlighting a broad shoulder silhouette. Pairing this with a tie in bright confident colours and bold cufflinks to create a statement. Unlike the metrosexual he doesn’t want to stand out from the crowd as a fashionista, but he is happy to play with colour and cut to achieve a polished, classic and stylish look.

§ His weekend style: He is most comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt which suits his love of outdoor activities. He favours brands such as Barbour, Crew, Polo Golf. In footwear he favours classic English brands with a modern twist, such as Grenson and Loakes considering them investment pieces. When really dressing down he wears Converse trainers, a bright coloured boat shoe or Haviana in or the summer. He doesn’t wear throw away fashion like the metrosexual.

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UK:Mathew Avedon as new face of John Lewis menswear