Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Belgium:Women look more sophisticated in Marie Jo’s new line


New York society girl Mary Phelps Jacob was a poet, publisher, peace activist and. the inventor of the bra. In 1912 she was issued the patent for her brassiere, fashioned from two silk handkerchiefs held together by a pink ribbon.

Marie Jo's new Mary series is just as innovative as this first ever bra, although it's much more sophisticated than that original design, with a range of different styles to ensure that every woman finds what she's looking for, all with strong embroidery design, gorgeous details and refined colours.

Amalia is a tribute to Amelia Earhart, the first woman to fly the Atlantic solo. Marie Jo's inspiration came from Symbolism, an artistic movement prevalent during Earhart's lifetime.

Specially designed for women who think they've earned a treat, Amalia is a secretive, erotic series of contrasts. The fine embroidery on the straps and along the edge of the cups (pictured) offset the tulips perfectly. The two motifs are in contrasting colours, adding to the visual effect.


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