Friday, September 25, 2009

UAE:CГ­rculos de Fuego shows vibrant personality inspired by Oriental culture


Carrera y Carrera, the world renowned Spanish jewellery house, has unveiled its luxurious collection of virtually unique pieces – the Círculos de Fuego in full colour pavé, lending a unique expression to the love for gold filigree that defines the Spanish heritage of this jewellery house. Created in limited quantities, each extraordinary piece is an achievement in the art of fusing intricate gold work and precious stones.

The new pieces that carry the signature seal of a house internationally renowned for its craftsmanship perfection are achievable only through the hand of a true artist. For this 2009 season, the firm continues with its tradition of using gold as the building block of goldsmith creation. This is evident in the new collection that is sure to capture the eye of anyone who admires true beauty. Círculos de Fuego epitomizes the simple radiance of diamonds over yellow and white gold settings to bring out the natural sensuality of the wearer’s skin.

The collection uses the highest quality materials which can add a touch of glamour to the most sophisticated attire. The Circulos de Fuego jewels impeccably epitomize their craftsmanship heritage of the past 30 years. It shows a vibrant personality which is inspired by the most mystical symbols of Oriental culture – the fire dragon. Thanks to detailed designs and modeling, the goldsmiths of Carrera y Carrera have been able to capture the image of this mythological creature adored in China.

The line highlights a tasteful chiseled bright maxi dragon in yellow and white gold embracing pink and blue sapphires along with diamonds forming an imposing composition that instantly commands attention. The passion and careful attention that has gone into the creation of this collection are evident in the choice of material, the well-thought out design and the superb craftsmanship. These new pieces will definitely be on the must-have list of the brand’s highly selective clientele.

Carrera y Carrera’s new CГ­rculos de Fuego collection is now available at its first Monobrand boutique in Dubai, Mall of the Emirates and in Damas Les Exclusive Boutiques in Dubai.  

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