Saturday, September 19, 2009

USA:Korean Mix-And-Match reveals quirky look of US woman


Seize Sei presents its contemporary 2010 collection of conceptual separates with a multiple-piece approach breaking into the US market. The collection - sheath dresses, jackets and blazers, tailored trousers and harem pants, vests, cotton jersey tees and tanks, shorts and assorted fashion tops in blended fabric combinations of silk, cotton, linen and polyester fabric - contains mix-and-match investment pieces for today's budget-conscious consumers looking to update their looks.

Each piece possesses great fabric quality, classic yet unique design elements, and innovative detail combinations. Her collection strikes a balance not easily attained: they are luxurious yet sporty, sharp and modern without sacrificing beauty and design, quirky in detailing yet enduringly wearable.

The brand, Seize Sei, understands the economic situation and its target market behaviors. "Times are tough right now, so consumers are spending their money wisely by purchasing pieces rather than collections. Women are looking for classic pieces that will last longer than trendy items that go out of style after a season", said Sung Ah Cho, the designer of the brand.

The designer creates clothing with great attention to detail in fit, seams, drapery, pleating, and color-contrasting to update classic pieces into modern, contemporary sportswear. Ideal for casual day to evening looks and some pieces being appropriate for the office, this line offers versatility, comfort and unlimited options for everyday wear. While the color palette contains the basic whites, creams, blacks and grays, color-contrasting elements with additional monochromatic hues of muted neutrals, warm blush undertones, faded blues and khakis provide buyers with additional versatile fashion choices for better profit margins.

"The designs are different but amazingly wearable," says Larissa Van Duser, fashion consultant. "Each piece has its own quiet tranquility that bridges the gap between femininity and everyday casual wear. The detailing with structural pleats and refined draping produces creative volumes and shapes that are balanced with timeless fabrics and neutral hues."

Since its foundation as a non-profit government agency in 1979, SBC has been committed to fostering and promoting Korean small and medium sized businesses. SBC understands that excellence comes in different sizes and offers assistance to Korean businesses in entering the U.S. market.

The head designer, Ms. Sung Ah Cho graduated from Polimoda International Institute in Italy in 2002. Working for various design teams such as the Italian brand, BERETTA, French brand, Raid Gauloises and launching the Jeep Europe Fashion line (Chrysler) over the years has prepared her to work as a design consultant for Italian brand BELFE and established DI ("design of idea") in Korea by 2007. 

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