Tuesday, October 20, 2009

UAE:Marilyn jewels recall vintage beauty of 1950s


Pasquale Bruni, the world renowned iconic Italian jeweller, presents its bewitching new Marilyn collection offering grand necklaces, pendant chains and rings. Exuding a rich and royal aura, this collection by the acclaimed designer blends white gold settings with an enthralling selection of diamonds, amethysts, blue topaz, prasiolites and honey quartz. And once more displays mastery to orchestrate precious and semi-precious stones of the finest cut and caratage, colour and clarity.

Pasquale Bruni, CEO of the brand commented, “The Marilyn collection jewels recall the vintage beauty of the glamorous 1950s, with a contemporary touch to them. Definition being a vital aspect of my jewels, in this line of jewels too, each luminous semi-precious stone is outlined with my brand’s signature five-petalled floral features sparkling with diamond glitter. This results in dramatically heightening the stone’s depths and facetted excellence to mesmerising lengths.”

For instance, the Marilyn collection’s glorious necklace is composed of bold, perfectly facetted, oval and square semi-precious stones such as amethysts, prasiolite and honey quartz. Each of these stones is painstakingly decorated with tiny, five-petal blooms glittering with diamonds that unite in a large arch to suspend one large blue topaz, in a jewel fit for a princess. Another presents a stunning cross richly encrusted with diamonds and semi-precious stones as pendant on a delicate white gold chain.

While matching these pieces is an array of riveting finger rings featuring bold, semi-precious stones such as blue topaz, honey quartz and amethyst playing protagonists, once more outlined by five-petal floral features glittering with diamonds.

Marilyn’s grand jewels are designed exclusively for special occasions and are endowed with a unique glamorous quality. It’s little wonder that this eponymous jewellery house’s collections are hailed world over for their unique magic.

Established less than a decade ago in 1997 this eponymous design house is recognised as one of the premier Italian jewellery firms from Valenza, heart of the Italian goldsmith industry, where its amazing range of jewels are produced and distributed across the world. Its other collections include its chic Bon Ton, pretty Penelope and its highly popular Sissi collection which is a celebrity favourite.

Discover Pasquale Bruni’s bewitching new Marilyn collection now available at its exclusive Wafi Boutique and at select Damas Les Exclusives Boutiques across Dubai.  

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