Saturday, October 24, 2009

USA:Whooga explains Ugg Boot fashion faux pas


Whooga announces its arrival into the 2009 ugg boot season with growth expected to exceed 200% of the 2008 season. How is this brand re-inventing the ugg boot craze which swept the US and UK? During the early part of 2009 while it was still cold Whooga took it upon themselves to explain the reasons behind the ultimate fashion faux pas by directly challenging a number of industry heavyweights. Whooga directly sought out dozens of well publicised critics of ugg boots and challenged them to put on a pair. The move was inherently risky as only the very thick skinned can bore the full brunt of a scathing Fashionista. Whooga a relatively unknown brand at that stage had just walked into the lion’s den.

“I finally understand why people love these so much. But I feel extremely conflicted about the entire thing, because ever since they first flurried their way into the collective consciousness, I’ve been banging on about how ugly they are. They are not flattering & they are definitely not sexy” Gala Darling a fashion blogging celebrity epitomized the sentiments nearly all Fashionistas Whooga challenged. Indeed Whooga is not a sexy brand but the conflict between comfort and style will often sway in comforts favor as soon as the temperature drops. “I don’t really want to take them off… ever” Even the overbearing gods of fashion who willingly sacrifice any form of comfort and health in the name of style was seduced, many enough to forget momentarily the bulky clunky appearance. Some even created rules for their readers “ Ugg boots may not be worn outside the front door — or off your property in general. Walking down to get the mail in them is okay, but running next door for a coffee is not.”

While Whooga understood perfectly well comfort does not make an unfashionable item fashionable their goal had been achieved. Followers now had permission to wear a pair of Whooga sheepskin boots which was no longer an unexplained fashion sin but a moment of indulgence unrivalled by any other form of footwear which even scathing critics could now understand and excuse. The brand was also launched onto the world stage as millions of followers learned not only about sheepskin boots but were introduced to a new brand. 

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