Sunday, March 14, 2010

Italy:Trade Unions to start CIGS procedure at IT Holding


The Extraordinary Commissioners of IT Holding S.p.A. in a.s. announced that they have reached and signed the Group's agreement with Trade Unions to start the procedures for the activation of the CIGS (social safety net).

The agreement allows to accelerate the activation of social safety nets to protect all employees of the company, and it is connected to the business plan aimed at ensuring a solid future for the Group's companies, through the enhancement of its three business units, "ITTIERRE", "MALO" and "GIANFRANCO FERRÉ".

The confrontation on the business plan with the Trade Unions was characterized by a strong sense of responsibility that has allowed to reach an agreement on adopting the necessary social safety nets with the aim of promoting the possible relocation and the future retraining of all resources involved.

The parties have agreed on the future steps to implement the CIGS at local level.

In this regard, the parties will jointly ask for the involvement of the Molise Region, in order to implement and fund the retraining of the personnel involved in the CIGS procedure, and to develop new business opportunities and local employment. These actions will be aimed at encouraging the potential absorption of the personnel working in the Molise industrial plant.  

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