Sunday, March 7, 2010

USA:Sreetwear company Wildchild to distribute Flud's collection


Streetwear company Wildchild Nation, LLC announces a new partnership with urban wrist watch maker, Flud Watches. Wildchild Nation will provide online distribution of Flud's collection of watches as part of Threader, the first online urban clothing marketplace for celebrities in the dance and entertainment industries.

Brand director, Mel Peralta, said, "Our brand continues to grow, and selling on Threader opens up a whole new market for us in the hip hop dance scene. Threader has relationships with everyone in the hip hop dance industry, so selling through their site to gain access to their audience was a logical choice."

Wildchild Nation co-founder, Marc David, commented, "We looked at the brands on the site and those coming soon, and realized we needed to add a wrist wear accessory. Flud's watches, especially their signature boombox and turntable watches, complement the rest of the streetwear on Threader."

Threader just launched a Facebook application that enables the brands on the site to promote their merchandise on their Facebook pages. Mr. David commented, "Their audience is already on Facebook. Instead of trying to drive customers to the Site, we knew it would be more effective to bring the Threader brand's products to their customers directly." 

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