Saturday, July 31, 2010

Denmark:CPH Vision & Terminal-2 present S/S trends for 2011


At 18.00 on Wednesday 11 August Copenhagen Fashion Fairs presents the CPH Vision Press Show to an audience of Danish and international press from the most important fashion and trade publications and media, held in an elegant and spectacular outdoor setting around the Gefion Fountain in the heart of the city.

Located in the Churchill Park in Central Copenhagen, the Gefion Fountain will play host to a high-fashion experience in an exclusive setting where none other than Creative Director of Style Counsel Kim Grenaa has taken on the task of styling and predicting the key trends of S/S2011.

With an overall theme of mature and chic style, next summer will be all about Farmers Delights, the Era of Ease, World Domination and the Military Zone, showcased on tall, beautiful models for a healthy and luxurious look.

"I particularly look forward to the spectacular location that we have chosen for the show. The Gefion Fountain has never been used as the centrepiece of a fashion show before, so I think it is really amazing that we are able to show the different sides of Danish high fashion in this particular spot. The audience will not only experience the best of Scandinavian fashion, but also the charming atmosphere of our city". Kim Grenaa, Style Counsel

TERMINAL-2 PRESS SHOW - The ultimate show experience for the crowd

But that's not all folks! Later on the same evening on Wednesday 11 August, more precisely at 21.30, the Terminal-2 Press Show will explode in the rough gardens of the locomotive maintenance building on Otto Busses Vej 5A. The Terminal-2 show will be presented off-schedule and will not be appear in the Copenhagen Fashion Week calendar. This fabulous and innovative event may be off-schedule, but it is on-trend - and extraordinary!

Headed, produced and directed by Uffe Buchard himself, the Terminal-2 Press Show will be the ultimate show event for the crowd. The show's outdoor venue uses the raw and unpolished surroundings of the fair area to visualise the theme of the show: Interrailing the Streets.

By illustrating the international trends through three stylish cities, the aim is to offer the audience an inspirational fashion experience within a laid-back and street-oriented atmosphere to build the perfect bridge between an event and a fashion show. So fasten your seat belts because in S/S2011 you will find yourself travelling to Beirut, through East London with Rio de Janeiro as your final destination.

"I actually love doing shows for the fairs as it is not about one designer's vision for the future only. I can work on a much broader scale and easily include my thoughts on the fashion and lifestyle we are all going to aspire to in the near future. In that way the shows seem to acquire a more interesting aspect." Uffe Buchard, Style Counsel

Young fresh models, looking as if they were just pulled in off the street - all with their own unique style - will be walking down the catwalk to highlight the fact that no one is the same. The unexpected is in store as the Terminal-2 show presents something that is not a traditional catwalk show. 

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