Monday, July 12, 2010

USA:Jimmy Au's For Men 5'8" and Under to dispaly line in New York


For three days only, from July 19 to the 21, Jimmy Au's For Men 5'8" and Under is holding their first ever East Coast trunk and road show featuring the nation's only designer clothing collection specifically developed for shorter men. Mr. Au seized the opportunity to have the trunk and road show in New York City when it was announced he would once again be honored by MR magazine at their Uptown Downtown Awards Reunion Banquet during Men's Fashion Week. Mr. Au and the store were one of the original recipients of the prestigious award its inaugural year for having catered exclusively to shorter men. Jimmy Au's For Men 5'8" and Under continues to remain the nation's only designer men's clothing store catering exclusively to men 5'8" or shorter.

Mr. Au's client base in New York City is the largest outside of Southern California. While many customers do fly out to Los Angeles to shop in their Beverly Hills boutique, some cannot and instead, rely on the store's special "goodie" package system that entails a range of requests along with appropriate fashion suggestions to complement their choices. The trunk and road show would allow customers to view a larger portion of the collection in person and also to try on various items in adjacent sizes to get the best fit. For potential new made-to-measure buyers, it would be a chance to have their measurements personally taken by Mr. Au himself.

The trunk and road show will feature clothing designed by Jimmy Au himself, along with fashion essentials procured by Mr. Au that pass his strict quality standard of fit, fabrication and design. The collection available for viewing include suits, sport coats, leather jackets, casual jackets, dress pants, dress shirts, casual pants, premium denim jeans, sport shirts, polo shirts and shoes. The collection is the largest of its kind.

Alan Au, the owner's son and client relations manager says "The trunk show provides an opportunity for potential customers to see and feel what its like to have clothes that fit properly. The frustration of not finding clothes that fit can affect your psyche and overall attitude. Men eventually stop looking and accept their fashion fate. We hope to offer a solution to the savvy shopper that cares about the way he looks."

He also says. "We can't make a man taller, but we can make him look taller. That's our secret. Whether you're 5'2" or 6'2" all men seem to want to look taller. Perceived height is very powerful. It creates confidence, increases self esteem and allows others to focus on you and not your height. The goal sometimes isn't even to look taller, but to make height a non-issue by looking proportionate; something we achieve with the design of our clothes. It's why we've provided wardrobe on over 30 prime time shows in the last 4 years. It's also why we're on the list in Forbes Top Ten Clothing Stores for Men."

It's also why they're being honored by MR magazine, the menswear industry's leading trade publication. Mr. Au and the store are being recognized for its pursuit of designer clothing for shorter men, Au's own short men's clothing collection, exceptional depth and breadth of inventory, and customized shopping experience. Jimmy Au only designs clothing for short men, and Jimmy Au's For Men 5'8" and Under is the nation's only short men's designer clothing store.

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