Wednesday, July 7, 2010

USA:Bian Variani relaunch in MILAN Italy


His signature style can be characterized as sexy to the point of excess, with an unabashed use of vibrant colour, streamlined cuts and a high fashion approach to both fabric choices and design. His work is inspired by and made for celebrities, socialites and the beautiful ones of the nightlife crowd, for whom getting attention is a serious daily commitment.

A Renaissance Man of the Post-Modern Age fashion is not an occupation it is a lifestyle of temporal pleasures and whole-hearted embrace of all things new, hot and hip. He does not take the back seat to the clothes, but revels in the cult of celebrity he has created for himself, both through his work and through his association with his celebrity clientele.

No, I'm not talking about the great Gianni Versace. The hot designs and bold attitude belong to Vancouver-based designer Bian Variani. Haute Couture Collection by Fashion Designer Bian Variani launched in Milan. The parallels between Versace and Variani are many. Both men developed an appreciation for fashion at a very early age and learned the intricacies of cut, construction and fit in their mothers' tailoring studios. Versace's enduring legacy is the spectacle quality of his runway shows, considered events in themselves not just for the clothes they displayed, but also for the audience they attracted. Variani has capitalized on this, understanding that a memorable runway show is perhaps the most effective marketing tool designers have at their disposal.

Variani is recognized by local fashion industry insiders as a marketing genius. Indeed, his runway shows are stunning visual displays, with everything from hip-hop dancers and live acts, to exotic cars and motorcycles on the catwalk, to Variani himself skydiving onto the stage. These shows provide the ultimate venue for self-exposure in the city where the hype of a good show often draws a bigger crowd than a display of the hottest fashion trends for the coming season. Variani's showmanship provides a good insight into his design philosophy, dare to be different. Variani's inspiration is culture itself, and his designs reference everything from urban music to celebrity lifestyles of glamour and excess. Ultimately, Variani's message is based on the celebration of individual expression.

Variani himself is something of a Renaissance Man. Well-read and well-travelled, he has studied everything from fashion to marketing to business law, and he is a renowned poet and writer. His approach to design, though, is decidedly post-modern. In an era when personal identity is characterized not by a singular unified look but by a collection of various facets, Variani's clothes serve to expose the more vibrant traits of today's fashion-conscious male consumer. Variani explains, "we are all entertainers looking through a wardrobe of personalities." This is why Variani's clothes are designed to help his clientele express exactly who they are as opposed to dictating who they should be.

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