Wednesday, July 28, 2010

USA:Hamsa fragrance brings touch of spirituality


“Everything has meaning” mystically, so too the Hamsa amulet, according to Celine Leora who inspired Hamsa Fragrance. This amulet is a good luck symbol appreciated by Muslims, Jews and all spiritual people.

The symbol looks like a stylized hand and represents the positive power of spirituality. The Muslims call it the Hand of Fatima, while Jews call it the Hand of Miriam, sister of Moses. It brings prosperity and good luck, while scaring away evil.

The symbol is also found in Kabbala. The Hamsa amulet is becoming increasingly popular as a spiritual, yet nondenominational symbol all over the world.

Designer Celine Leora developed the idea of using the Hamsa symbol on fragrance bottles, so that the symbol and its power will always be present in the home and wearer.

The fragrance, or cologne, permeates a scent that reminds the wearer of their positive spiritual potential. Moroccan born Celine combines her art, spirituality and personal mystical experiences to bring meaning to all who wear it.

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