Monday, May 10, 2010

USA:Leah Chalfen creates headpieces for J. Crew Weddings Store


It has been “super exciting to work with J. Crew,” says Leah Chalfen, owner and designer of Leah C. According to Ms. Chalfen, the J. Crew April catalogue and website already feature her veils and hair pieces paired with the Wedding Collection and the May catalogue will offer still more styles. “The demand for beautiful and unique wedding accessories is rising,” reports Ms. Chalfen, who notes that “J. Crew has paired Leah C’s unique, couture headpieces with J. Crew’s flattering, comfortable and simply elegant wedding gowns.”

Leah C. is thrilled to be part of the new J. Crew store, which is eagerly anticipated by J. Crew fans. Sivouthy Lam, author of the J. Crewaholics blog writes about the new store, “I think that this would be a great move as I get so many inquiries from readers, wondering if any of the stores carry the items from the Wedding Collection.” Wonder no more, this Summer the opportunity to view and buy unique pieces from the Leah C. Collection and J. Crew wedding dresses on Madison Avenue will be a reality.

Leah C. has been an innovator in bridal and evening headwear since 2000 and is featured in fashion magazines and on runaways worldwide with designs that are bold, sometimes fantastical, but always distinctive in style. A fitting alliance since J. Crew is emphasizing unique accessories and becoming more than just a clothing store. “In the past couple of years we've been looking at elevating every category," said Jenna Lyons Mazeau, executive creative director of J. Crew. Ms. Mazeau notes that “when it's quality, the customer gets it. We're looking at doing special incredible pieces." Molly Carey, designer for J. Crew Wedding Collection and Jewelry Designer is also "so excited because we are now collaborating. Leah C. will be doing some one-of-a-kind bridal pieces for J. CrewВґs Wedding Collection!" 

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