Friday, January 9, 2009

China:Cindy Luo is 2008 Chinese Fashion Designer of the Year

China:Cindy Luo is 2008 Chinese Fashion Designer of the Year

OmniaLuo Inc announced that Cosmopolitan Magazine has named OmniaLuo Chairwoman and Chief Designer the "2008 Chinese Fashion Designer of the Year." Ms. Luo received this prestigious award at the Chinese version of the publication's December 11th "2008 Women of the Year" ceremony.

Sponsored by the Proctor & Gamble brand "Olay", this high profile event highlighted the achievements of Chinese female leaders across sports, entertainment, design, literature and more.

"This award was not only an incredible honor for me personally, but truly a great tribute to the OMNIALUO brand," stated Ms. Cindy Luo, Founder, Chairwoman and CEO of OmniaLuo.

"With the recognition of international icon Cosmopolitan Magazine, OMNIALUO has achieved a level of visibility and recognition few brands in China, and indeed the world, can claim. This award was the perfect cap on an extremely successful year for the Company, and a sign of the global things to come for OmniaLuo in 2009," added Ms. Luo.

OmniaLuo Inc, based in China's fashion capital of Shenzhen, is in the business of designing, developing, marketing and distributing fine women's apparel under the brand name OMNIALUO. OMNIALUO's apparel embodies elegance, femininity and sophistication for China's rapidly growing class of urban and affluent female professionals.