Sunday, January 18, 2009

UAE:Watches from HAUTLENCE with masculine & rugged looks

UAE:Watches from HAUTLENCE with masculine & rugged looks

UAE:Watches from HAUTLENCE with masculine & rugged looks

HAUTLENCE, one of the most coveted Swiss luxury watch brands, highlights its amazing evolution with the introduction of the HLS Collection. The new HLS01, HLS02 and HLS03 models are more masculine and rugged than the previous models but show originality in every detail. These models are interpretations of a strong and unique concept that takes watch making technology a step further.

The latest HLS timepieces have rubber straps and brushed steel which gives them a more contemporary look. The uniqueness in telling time using these instruments lies in the double device of a jumping hour coupled with a retrograde minute display which creates a three-dimensional timekeeping experience all within a distinctive case.

The small seconds hand is in a little dial at 5 o’clock while the intriguing rods, evocative of yesterday’s trains, drive the jumping hour. When the minute hand reaches 60 minutes, a device activated by a central spiral causes the end of the rod to arm a small spring with an inertia block that, in turn, drives the rotation of the hour disc. The HLS01, HLS02 and HLS03 models are produced in the limited edition of only 88 pieces and come in titanium, white gold and pink gold with alligator straps and rubber bands. The watches are water resistant to 50 metres and have sapphire crystals.

In tune with the HAUTLENCE philosophy, these timepieces are built around the caliber and follow the best Swiss watchmaking tradition keeping the overall design in the minimalist style. The exterior components then receive their punches and finishes, which make each case a totally unique product. Soft and aggressive, elegant and original, futuristic and provocative in its design, , the HLS01, HLS02 and HLS03 are syntheses of art and advanced technology, travelling along the boundary where beauty and strength merge.

These models represent an exclusive expression of superior technical, aesthetic and functional details. The result is an extraordinary and very personal object of desire which has a history of its own. Symbolic of the brand these watches are equipped with a manual winding regulator movement exclusively developed by HAUTLENCE. The basic movement starts with a Peseux 7001, a highly reliable manual wind caliber that exhibits good torque and vibrates at 3 Hertz, but only 30 per cent of this is retained.

Despite the searing modernism of HAUTLENCE watches, their traditional watchmaking values and quality remain integral to their overall performance. Major components including the balance are made by HAUTLENCE in collaboration with their technical partners. By artistically fusing the time telling indications and the watch’s regulating organ, each exclusive timepiece is transformed into a form of kinetic performance art, drawing you into its sphere of influence.

The HLS Collection is available at Damas Jewellery, Emirates Towers, Dubai; Al Sayegh Jewellery, Abu Dhabi and Al Majed Jewellery, Doha, Qatar. Further details can be obtained by calling HAUTLENCE Middle East office at 04-299 6500.