Friday, January 9, 2009

Switzerland:SwissCotton BeDry keeps body dry during & after exercise

Switzerland:SwissCotton BeDry keeps body dry during & after exercise

Switzerland:SwissCotton BeDry keeps body dry during & after exercise

Hermann Buehler AG launches new yarn SwissCotton BeDry. Textiles made of SwissCotton BeDry are the best choice for people who want to have both, the wearing comfort of cotton and the moisture transfer qualities of synthetics.

Till now not accepted as a performance fiber, new advances in technology bring cotton to the forefront of sports and active-wear. SwissCotton BeDry or US Supima BeDry have the same characteristic as synthetics to wick away moisture, dry faster and reduce negative effects such as clinging to the body when wet.

Using the hydrophobic yarn BeDry on the inner layer of a fabric, moisture is moved away from the skin to the hydrophilic outer side of the fabric. The outer layer spreads the moisture over the fabric surface where it can evaporate quickly. The wearer is kept dry and comfortable.

Finest extra long staple Supima cotton provides softness and highest wearing comfort.
• count range: Ne 16-100 (Nm 28-170)
• spinning system: ring, compact or royal spun
• raw material: 100 % combed, extra long staple Supima cotton, fiber length 34-38 mm
• origin: Switzerland or USA
• based on TransDRY technology by Cotton Incorporated, USA

Typical applications
• knitted or woven sports and active-wear
• luxurious T-shirts, golf and tennis-shirts
• underwear, lingerie
• socks
• work-wear

SwissCotton BeDry is distinguished by
• moisture management: moisture transfer away from the body
• one-way moisture transfer to the outside fabric layer
• keeps the body dry during and after exercise
• dries fast, reducing of the overall drying time
• reduction of fabric cling to the skin
• safe for user and environment
• washing resistant

Quality certificates
• SwissCotton BeDry
• US Supima BeDry
• Cotton USA
• Oeko-Tex Standard 100 plus
• TransDRY

Since 1858 Hermann BГјhler AG has produced yarns for customers with the highest requirements. Innovative products, excellent yarn quality and a perfect customer service are the most important goals in our business.