Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Germany:27th munichfabricstart - new input for collections


New services offered, fully booked exhibition halls, fashion show and party time - in Munich the countdown for munichfabricstart-pre collections has started. Organic selection by munichfabricstart: own categorisation eases overview of certifications The questions regarding organic products and sustainability have not diminished. Uncertainties in the industry about where to head and how “green” you need to or should be have grown considerably. This is why munichfabricstart has opted for its own in-house labelling for the certified fabrics and accessories presented in a central location at the organicselection Forum by munichfabricstart in Hall 3. The now almost 320 fabrics and accessories are labelled with symbols in different colours, so-called “organicicons”.

These categorise the products in terms of their environmental and social compatibility and are meant to help guide visitors and exhibitors through the certification maze. We have compiled a detailed overview of the categorisations complete with detailed explanations as an attachment to this press release.

organicselection is a “sourcing pool” for visitors and exhibitors bridging the gap to the lineup of exhibitors because each fabric comes with its composition and its supplier’s stand number. The Forum at Stand E 18 in Hall 3 has expanded now with approx. 320 certified fabrics and accessories from over 50 exhibitors. This service package is completed by the permanent presence of an expert and technical talks.

Commenting on how things stand in the societal debate on ecology and fashion Dr. Kirsten Brodde (a writer on medical, environmental and consumer protection issues delivering papers on “Organic and Fashion” on the first two days of the fair) says: "A вЂgear change’ in the fabrics world is taking place. In tough times the true art lies in presenting “tailor-made” concepts for success. Many firms in the fashion industry are already focusing on the organictheme by “greening up” their products and manufacturing and introducing CSR. Nobody hasto be 100% perfect here from the outset. What counts is to make a start. These firms – also including many fabric manufacturers – are the true avantgarde of the sector proving that things can be done differently. They are sure to generate a positive response from fashion customers. The quality that consumers expect today necessarily also implies ethical and ecological qualities. Nothing else should be found in wardrobes these days.”

fair for kids – a success project: School Centre opened
On 18 May 2009 the first fai r-for-kids School Centre was opened at the Indian town of Kathaparai, Karur District, Tamil Nadu. Called “Kutty’s Rajyam” (Children’s Kingdom) the centre is a fantastic example demonstrating that the textile business is still governed by community spirit and responsibility towards those weaker than ourselves. In as little as one and a half years the Centre was financed 100% by the initiative fair for kids. Now a library with over 1,000 children’s books, a music and computer room, a laboratory and plenty of space for learning and playing ensure that almost 2,000 kids from the surrounding area can learn and play in a carefree environment.

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