Wednesday, August 19, 2009

India:Van Heusen COO to discuss about need for men’s fashion week


Creating a milestone in the world of Men’s Fashion, Van Heusen, the country’s leading lifestyle brand has tied up with FDCI, India’s national body promoting Fashion & Design to create the Van Heusen India Men’s Week, the annual conclave for men’s fashion in India.

The Van Heusen India Men’s Week will see the first world class event showcasing the best of the best designers from across the country. To be held in Delhi from the 11th to 13th September 2009.

Shital Mehta, COO Van Heusen to discuss the following:

•Van Heusen having taken the initiative for the first men’s fashion week in India
•Its relevance in India
•Need for a men’s fashion week
•Scope of men’s fashion in India
•How Men’s Fashion has evolved over the years.
•Their tie up with FDCI and the Brand's gain from it.
•Brand's other expansion plans and business strategies.

As COO of Van Heusen, he heads the Van Heusen SBU, with complete P&L and people accountabilities.

He joined Madura Garments in 2000 and has successfully led the transformation of Van Heusen from leading Wholesale-led Men’s FORMAL SHIRT brand into Premium, Retail led LIFESTYLE BRAND for Men, Women and Youth.  

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