Thursday, August 13, 2009

UAE:Fope celebrates eight decades of outstanding design excellence!


Fope, the acclaimed Italian jewellery house completes eight dazzling decades this year, marking a memorable milestone in a journey of inspired vision, constant innovation and superb craftsmanship. Acknowledged as one of the most celebrated luxury jewellery brands in the world, each of its emotive creations is endowed with an unmistakably distinguished Italian style that continues to enrich the world of beauty, offering discerning women, bewitching jewellery collections to suit both mood and occasion.

Fope’s rich history goes back to the year 1929 when its founder, Umberto Cazzola started crafting jewellery in a small factory in Vicenza, with just twenty employees. Four generations have followed since then and the company still remains a passionate family endeavour. As a true pioneer, Cazzola was one of the first to develop new technology for the production of extendable iron watch-straps, quickly making Fope the national leader in the field. Cazzola continued to lead the brand for another forty one years, when in 1970 his grandson, became the brand’s President with a firm agenda to continue its vision to turn creativity into magic.

For the next ten years, Fope continued to innovate and invest in research to maintain its status as the market leader in innovation. In 1980, it presented the world the Novecento mesh, taking the market by storm. Tubular, innovative and unique, it is a fine weave of small ovoidal elements produced to high standards and passionate care that is also patented and comes with a written warranty and international certification. Produced in white, yellow and rose gold, and transformed into an endless range of necklaces, rigid or flexible bracelets and rings it is hailed as the very soul of this design house and as a classic of Italian jewellery art.

Giuseppe Marcheluzzo, Director for International Operations, Fope Italy said, “The key to Fope’s enduring success has been its innovative ability. This has lent its vast artistry a unique blend of classic yet contemporary appeal. This is why its jewellery collections which are presented at leading international trade fairs every year are much awaited. Another vital feature is that its jewels are designed for the emerging lifestyles of women world over.”

The year 1998 saw the opening of the brand’s U.S branch, expanding its reach to North America and the Caribbean. Fope soon started the shop-in-shop project in the most exclusive malls and shops of the world,
including China, Italy, Europe, Middle and Far East countries, the main destinations of its retail expansion.

Right from the time of its founding, Fope’s Cazzola family has always shown a strategic interest towards art. An aspect particularly evident at Baselworld 2008, where it unveiled a striking looking stand uniting its famed artistry with the famous sculptor Franca Ghitti’s works in wood and iron. The unusual collision of lines and materials expressed the corporate identity of Fope so well that it became the signature element for the brand’s communication.

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