Sunday, August 23, 2009

India:Saris to be on centre-stage of global fashion wear


A project to put saris on the centre-stage of fashion wear has received an approval from World Bank. The five-stage plan has been implemented by Asian Heritage Foundation, will launch saris in global markets with a unified brand called JIYO!

The Asian Heritage Foundation will popularize 118 ways of sari draping, apart from imbibing the modern designs. The JIYO brand will also comprise furnishings, handicrafts, health and food products.

About 20 JIYO! clusters, covering over 20,000 artisans will be set up in 4-5 states including Bihar, Andhra Pradesh and Chattisgarh. The nationwide campaign that intends to bring the glory of saris back, will also involve celebrities, who will endorse the saris.

The weavers will receive assistance from designers of international repute, who will polish up their skills, so that it can meet global consumer expectations. The sari will perfectly fit in the modern scheme of fashion, pointed out, Ms. Rita Kapoor Chisti, who is an expert herself in sari making in India.

While interacting with handloom weavers from traditional sari making areas in Andhra Pradesh, she said, “If somebody wants to show off, she can do it in style in saris”, but was also saddened by the extinction of the few popular sari-making crafts.

The Asian Heritage Foundation also has planned out a biannual international collection of saris, named вЂ1001 Saris’, along with Japan Social Development Fund (JSDF). To attain this objective, clusters in different parts of the country will be identified by the lead teams.

Indian saris have huge demand in the market, but in order to meet requirements, the designs, only need to be changed, said an expert.

As part of the initiative, the foundation will work with the weavers in places recognized for designs, such as Srikalahasti, Pochampally, Uppada, Ponduru, Siddipet and Dharmavaram.

Alike initiatives are also being framed out to popularize handicrafts and ethnic foods of Andhra Pradesh at national and international levels.

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