Sunday, April 4, 2010

UAE:Discover splendor of вЂMichael Cinco’ at Dubai Fashion Week


As the Dubai Fashion Week returns and unveils again for the 7th time in Dubai, this April, with spectacular and extravagant designers from the around the world; fashion lovers and connoisseurs will witness a new spectacle of opulence, magnificence and luxury.

Michael Cinco, one of the region’s finest fashion designers, will be demonstrating to the public his latest Autumn Winter Collection for year 2010 on April 6th 2010 at 8pm in Jumeirah Emirates Towers – Godolphin Ballroom.

“We are proud to be part of this glamorous event that nurtures emerging talents and the industry as a whole; and continues to bring a collection of local and international designers on one ramp to promote them further” says Michael.

Using the rich overtures of the Japan’s colour palette, Michael will present the вЂTHE IMPALPABLE DREAM OF MADAME BUTTERFLY’ through his select collection at the Dubai Fashion Week Summer 2010. Inspired by the colorful life of Madame Butterfly, Cinco will present a unique blend of imagery, sound and fashion of the bygone Empire of the Sun, the celebrations and ceremonies of the old nobilities, its culture and arts.

“I always felt that Madame Butterfly was a femme fatale, tempting and seductive, but people didn’t really want to see her like that” Michael Cinco launches into Madame’s character with gusto. “Here’s a woman who’s unapologetic about her weakness and love. She’s leading different life from the norm. She’s everything that, on a superficial level, I am and that is my ultimate high inspiring me to make this collection of mine very unique from the rest of the designers “!

Dubai Fashion Week has become the forum for designers, buyers and media with an objective to strengthen business relations within the fashion industry. This event, therefore, will aim to provide Michael with an exclusive platform to showcase his development in the fashion business as a whole.

Michael Cinco’s work will portray the meaning of his simplistic and classy style, which will be a triumph. With CRYSTALLIZED – Swarovski Elements, vibrant colours, and extravagant models; Cinco’s work will appear to belong to a genre of representational fashion style that is local and deeply magnificent.

Style is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma according to Michael Cinco. “The purpose of participating in this event is to bring to fashion lovers a composite of styles with all its splendour and glory embedded in imagination and affluence. On a broader note, in this larger-than-life event, the vision is to provide all fashion lovers a repertoire of the finest fashion styles for this autumn/winter 2010”.  

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