Friday, April 2, 2010

USA:Rogiu’s wallets2wear combine style & practicality


Rogiu, LLC unveiled wallets2wear, a revolutionary new line of bracelet accessories that conceal a pocket for carrying your most essential items. After two years of research, development, and testing, the patent-pending, gorgeous accessories with a functional twist are available to the general public.

"wallets2wear are the most innovative fashion accessories I've seen in a long time," said Maria-Soledad Nelson, President of Wardrobe 911. "Who knew sensible could be so stylish?" is one of the foremost style blogs that provides fashion style advice worldwide.

In situations such as nightclubbing, being a bridesmaid or walking alone at night, women need to carry a credit card, ID, cash and key. Of course, a purse is difficult to keep an eye on at clubs, impossible to carry as a bridesmaid, and a dangerous temptation to pickpockets. But now, Rogiu's founder Julia Machotka has designed an ingenious and beautiful solution to women's constant conflict between style and convenience.

Rogiu's patent-pending wallets2wear designs offer women both freedom and fashion -- a multi-strand bracelet or hip, new fabric watch are a smart addition to any outfit. wallets2wear are available in a variety of beaded bracelets, watches and sports wristbands.

HOW TO WEAR: wallets2wear slip on with ease; filling the pouch is like filling a small wallet. The YouTube wallets2wear channel has animated visual aids to demonstrate how to use and wear them.

WHEN TO WEAR: wallets2wear accessorize any outfit on any occasion when a purse is not convenient. 

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