Tuesday, April 27, 2010

UK:Lily Allen to launch fashion label via reality show


Although, singer, actor and host, Lily Allen has announced that she would be breaking away from her music career, she has planned to remain in the limelight by deciding to act in a television reality show that will showcase her new fashion store and also her new apparel line.

Allen would be introducing her new apparel line, вЂLucy in Disguise’, with her half-sister Sarah Owen at Vintage during the Goodwood festival in August.

In a joint venture with a UK-based television channel, it was decided that Allen’s line of apparels will be recorded from the time she would design and promote the same at her store and during the Goodwood event.

Through this show, Allen’s experiences, while working on her fashion boutique, will be portrayed to the viewers and it is scheduled to go on air early next year.

This, apparently has not been Allen’s first brisk with fashion. A couple of years ago she had designed summer apparel line and other outfits for a high-end apparel brand.

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