Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Spain:New York applauds Urban Forest of Toni Francesc


The Spanish designer Toni Francesc has participated for his third time at the official catwalk of the New York fashion event. Among more than 100 fashion shows of international designers selected in the whole world, Toni Francesc rounded off, at 9:00 hs pm, the fashion shows that were staged on Tuesday, the 14th of September February, at the "Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week".

After 16 years at the emblematic Bryant Park, on this occasion Mercedes Benz Fashion Week has been staged at a new venue in order to present the new collections for Spring-Summer 2011. Damrosch Park at the Lincoln Center provided the new setting, featuring a venue measuring more than 26,500 m2, following an agreement signed by IMG Fashion, the body that organises Fashion Week, with the Lincoln Center.

This is the third time that Toni Francesc has formed part of the official programme at "Mercedes Benz Fashion Week", given that in September 2009 the Spanish designer was chosen to take part at the New York Show for the first time. In fact, very few Spanish designers have been offered the opportunity to gain access to this fashion event.

At his two previous shows in New York, Toni Francesc received some highly favourable reviews from the press attending the event, as well as the unanimous applause of all those present at Fashion Week. The massive affluence of public and the long applauses that he has received at this last show confirm Toni FrancescВґs creativity and the fidelity that the US press and buyers show for him. Once again: a real success!

Toni Francesc has presented in New York his collection for the next Spring-Summer 2011 season, “URBAN FOREST”. A collection that transfers a forest-based concept to a city environment. This concept leads us through an intelligent forest in which we feel closer and more in touch with our natural surroundings. Wood becomes the symbol of this collection, as it has for the eco-friendly consumer, one who is committed to the environment and seeks to achieve a new and modern appeal based on the recycling of natural elements.

A collection that is just as versatile as wood itself. In this respect, depending on its treatment, wood can present its most natural dimension -as witnessed in tree back- or its most elaborated side, including carved and moulded wooden forms.

The collectionВґs clothing items present a series of rough and enveloping forms combined with other cleaner volumes and straight, milder lines. The colour palette is inspired by natural landscapes, using neutral shades such as beige, white and grey while incorporating tones that contrast with flashes of lights in the shades of yellow, turquoise and coral. The fabrics boast their own organic language and are combined to bring texture to the designs.

Garments are composed of linen, cotton and silk, bringing vivacity to the collection. We should not forget the important chapter of the exclusive accessoires that were shown in the fashion show: Collars, brazelets, rings and even shoes were made out of wood ore of other materials directly related to the wood. A homage to the nature and to the all the woods around the world!

Toni Francesc thus continues to forge a path for Spanish design abroad. This third presentation of his collection within the official programme at "Mercedes Benz Fashion Week" in New York undoubtedly represents another international success for the Spanish designer and for the whole Spanish fashion. 

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