Wednesday, September 22, 2010

UK:Topman Denim teams up with Lawrence Ellis


Topman has collaborated with up-and-coming young film Director, Laurence Ellis to create three short films which form the heart of an online campaign to showcase Topman’s denim range which will launch on-line on Monday October 4th 2010. The films focus on youth and identity and follow the journeys of three young men – Louis, Henry and Sid.

вЂTopman has been at the forefront of pioneering Menswear designer collaborations now for the past eight years whilst quietly producing confident exciting вЂin-house’ designed product. In a circumspect move it felt right to acknowledge this and focus on one such area whose design integrity and innovativeness we are increasingly proud – Denim - the very backbone of Topman and one with a very loyal Topman customer base. With the advent of increasingly exciting designs and shapes for this forthcoming A/ W we chose to commission a film by Laurence Ellis who's answer to the brief has been to direct three intimate interweaving films with an elegiac pace and subtle intimacy that simultaneously manages to capture both the spirit and world that is Topman.’ - Gordon Richardson, Design Director

вЂThe reason for creating three individual films was very much defined by the core brief - to represent Topmans denim range. Jeans are something very real and transcend passing trends. They are a part of each person and are worn very differently. The characters that we created and the journeys they take are each very individual and reflect their stylistic identity. The end of the film focuses on the group but from each main character’s very individual perspective.’
-Laurence Ellis, Director

TOPMAN.COM will house all the films, behind the scenes footage and interviews with the characters and Laurence himself as well as allow the viewer to browse the collection.

A dedicated denim room has been set up to guide through different styles and fits including all those featured in the films such as the Carrot, Skinny and Arc.

вЂWe wanted to do something creatively different – a move away from the traditional stills format. We wanted to make real films shot on Super 16 - rather than fashion videos having previously worked with Laurence we knew that he would treat the brief with the sensitivity and creativity that we were hoping for.’ -Kelly Reed, PR Manager, Topman. 

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