Saturday, October 2, 2010

Italy:Reggiani redesigns meaning of modern style


We are pleased to introduce Reggiani, a new and exclusive pret-a-porter line presented officially at Selection by C.L.A.S.S. during WHITE last week in Milan.

The collection designed by Elena Reggiani for the 2011 Spring-Summer Season is the launch collection for a unique and exclusive project. Elena Reggiani has created a new vision in style born from Italian know-how, the excellence of sartorial traditions, innovative research in designer textiles, and the alluring glamour of colour to redesign the meaning of modern style.

The piedmont-born designer has launched her collection at Selection by C.L.A.S.S., during WHITE in Milan. The fashion trade show dedicated to innovation in high-fashion was the perfect setting to launch the revolutionary Reggiani prêt-à-porter line characterised by ultra-modelling fit with elasticised push-up effects that reinterpret the meaning of elegance by introducing motion and energy whilst celebrating the body’s curves and shapes through the high-performance ergonomic fit. The technical innovations presented by the natural materials used completely revolutionise the Reggiani woman’s wardrobe, defining the silhouette and visually reducing it by up to one size.

The Reggiani Collection is dedicated to a contemporary woman possessed of a refined style and independent personality. Drawing inspiration from a bon-ton concept, the collection is complete, diverse and versatile and reinterprets a 60s style through modelling, cuts and details only found in the highest Italian artisanal work. Reggiani garments are characterised by a timeless elegance highlighted by delicate details and artistries that accentuate the romantic beauty of female vanity.

The sartorial inspiration of Elena’s creations, together with the obsessive attention to detail is evident in ever pleat, stitching and finishing touch and emphasises an exclusive knowledge of the art of designing beauty both on the outside and inside. The collection explicits a sense of comfort, glamour and distinction that is perfectly adapted to modern requirements sometimes at odds with the desire for an impeccable look, from morning to late-night.

Elena Reggiani’s revolution is not limited to body modelling and the subtle “modern-retro” style that characterizes the collection. The stylist’s unique creative vision in the use of colour as a new medium allows her to communicate vibrant intensity and subtle nuances of sophistication through a palette of 38 colours that has been carefully studied to allow almost infinite combinations and expressions. The harmonious colours ebb and flow through a collection that is defined by an almost musical quality and denotes different sensations and emotions by accompanying the wearer through a path of personal expression and freedom. 

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