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USA:Baltimore Fashion Week 2011 – 'The Mystique of Fashion'

Baltimore Fashion Week 2011 – The Mystique of Fashion


Baltimore Fashion Week 2011 – The Mystique of Fashion

For the past 3 years Baltimore Fashion Week (BFW) has had numerous designers to showcase on its runway, under the fashion categories of redevelopment, prêt-a-porter, avant garde, and couture. Collections included garments from shoes to high end evening gowns. But this year the producers of BFW are asking designers to step outside of their comfort zone and push the envelope of fashion off the table. Designer registration is open for Baltimore Fashion Week 2011 – “The Mystique of Fashion.”

The theme for 2011 is entitled, “The Mystique of Fashion” – Baltimore Fashion Week 2011 will run August 11 – 14, 2011. The home for Baltimore Fashion Week 2011 is the first agenda item on the production list to tackle, and meetings have already begun.

“This year we are asking interested designers to “push the envelope” off the table when it comes to their fashion showcases. We are so excited that several up and coming, young designers have already pre-registered for 2011,” stated Executive Producer.

In asking designers to “push the envelope” the producers of BFW have already begun conversations with several firms to get buyers to come and view the upcoming showcasing garments.

In past years, designers have selected models after the garments were constructed, in moving forward designers will have the opportunity to select and measure models “BEFORE” garments are “FULLY” constructed.

“I made this dramatic decision because it just made more sense. Designers should select models before hand to defray away from puckers or loose fitting garments. Unless the model is the same exact size as the mannequin or dress form a designer uses, something is not going to fit perfectly. Garments should be created to fit the model,” stated Executive Producer.

In asking designers to push the envelope “exposure” for the designers and models is a plus.

“Hopefully if technology agrees with my vision and the new location for BFW2011, we will be able to stream live during the showcasing of BFW2011, but we will see,” stated Executive Producer.

Any designer interested in showcasing a collection during BFW2011, should visit the website, go to the Designer Information page and complete the designer pre-registration form. This pre-registration form is used to review the designer’s skill set as a designer, before any paperwork is completed, and also to pre-approve designers for BFW2011.

If approved, designers will need to submit sketches of their entire showcasing line. These sketches should include the attachment of fabric swatches, notions, and/or any embellishments.

Designers of all ages, experience levels, and knowledge sets are encouraged to pre-register for Baltimore Fashion Week 2011 – “The Mystique of Fashion” 

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