Thursday, October 7, 2010

UK:Corporate clothing to be inspired by PV, Paula Cannon


Corporate clothing designer Paula Cannon predicts that we will see more knits, jerseys and flashes of colour in the Nation’s uniforms following her visit to Premier Vision, the twice-yearly international fabric fair. From coats to shirts the complete wardrobe goes knit next Season. Knits move away from their classic use and are used in more conventional tailoring shapes generally seen in woven fabrics.

The head designer at Coleshill-based Incorporatewear is just back from Paris where the dominant fabrics on offer were knits, lace, fur and velvet. Popular colour trends for autumn and winter 2012 included soft neutrals, 1970s Formica brights, mineral grey with sterling sliver, poetic pinks and professional navy, black and greys.

Paula believes these could easily transfer into corporate wardrobes for retailers, banks, airlines and other organisations that develop their brands by clothing their staff.

“While I doesn’t expect to see bank staff in pink suits, I think that the season’s bright colours will work well as discreet accents, for example as linings in more subdued coloured suits,” she said.

Premier Vision showcases new developments in fabrics and trims, and also more recently provides a shop window for manufacturers.

Paula said: “We are always keen to learn about upcoming trends that we can take on board. Following every twist and turn of fashion may not be our first priority, but we are dedicated to making our clothes stylish. We stay aware of trends and are constantly on the lookout for those that can be adopted into a corporate wardrobe. Obviously, that varies with each client.

“There are several things that limit to what extent we can take on current trends. The wearers are ambassadors for a brand so it’s crucial to get the fabrics, cut, colour and design of the wardrobe in line with brand expectations. Comfort is really important to the wearer. Our fabrics are all tested to corporate wear standards, which rules out some textiles. Getting the fit and fabric right is imperative. Having said all that, we also want our clothing to be stylish and desirable because that’s really important to many wearers.

“At Incorporatewear, we pride ourselves on offering a desirable wardrobe collection and seek to adapt fashion trends into a workable range that not only looks great but feels amazing.

“All designers need to be inspired, and these shows help to keep our designs fresh, fashionable and up to date.”

Incorporatewear provides clothes for an array of blue chip organisations including Virgin Atlantic, Nationwide Building Society, Clarks shoes and Specsavers (to name but a few) and are constantly on the lookout for new styles.

The next Premier Vision fair in February 2011 will showcase trends for spring/summer 2013. 

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