Wednesday, October 20, 2010

USA:Shape-ups Comeback campaign for Malone

Shape-ups Comeback campaign for Malone


Shape-ups Comeback campaign for Malone

SKECHERS USA, Inc., a global leader in the footwear industry, announced that the Company is launching a series of Shape-ups fitness footwear television spots starring NBA basketball legend Karl Malone along with guest star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. The spots will spearhead a worldwide Shape-ups “Comeback” campaign for Malone, who will appear in the Company’s print advertisements, visuals and marketing collateral through 2011.

“To everyone who’s too busy to work out, you’re out of excuses,” said Karl Malone. “Shape-ups are easy and they really make your muscles work. I’ve got more strength in my legs and core, and my energy level is up. They’re even easier on my joints than other shoes. I’m excited to stand behind this shoe because it delivers.”

“We’re so proud to see Shape-ups embraced by the greatest sports icons – and the incredible reactions that so many consumers are having to our product,” said Michael Greenberg, president of SKECHERS. “To have not one but two basketball legends endorsing Shape-ups is a tremendous honor – and, we believe, a terrific way to expose more sports fans, fitness-minded consumers, and new customers to the benefits of Shape-ups.”

The “Comeback” spots, which show Malone sharing the benefits of Shape-ups, will air nationwide on major networks beginning tonight, October 19, during the Major League Baseball NLCS (National League Championship Series).

An NBA two-time MVP and one of the sport’s greatest power forwards, Malone scored the second most points (36,928) in NBA history as a star player for Utah Jazz and the Los Angeles Lakers. He trails only fellow Lakers player Abdul-Jabbar, who is regarded as one of the best players of all time with 38,387 points and six NBA championship titles.

The Malone/Abdul-Jabbar launch follows the Company’s successful Shape-ups “Comeback” multimedia campaign featuring Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana, which is appearing worldwide through 2010.

Launched by the SKECHERS Fitness Group, Shape-ups are technical walking shoes designed to strengthen muscles, promote weight loss, and improve posture. Featuring a rocker-bottom outsole and Resamax kinetic wedge that together simulate walking on soft sand, Shape-ups provide a constant natural instability, activating muscles with every step. The Shape-ups fitness footwear collection for men and women is available in sporting goods and department and specialty athletic stores worldwide. 

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