Monday, November 1, 2010

UAE:Lamya Abedin's Japanese inspired HANAMI collection

Lamya Abedins Japanese inspired HANAMI collection


Lamya Abedins Japanese inspired HANAMI collection

After the vintage styles of yesteryear cinema and revival of Ottoman fashion, Lamya Abedin takes over the catwalk at Dubai Fashion Week for the first time this season with her Hanami collection - inspired by the cherry blossom festival of Japan.

“The exotica of the East has always drawn me. I’ve often found myself dabbling with the styles of the elegant kimono. There’s little that compares to the feel of Asian silks. Even the Japanese community I have chanced upon in Dubai and while travelling have somehow found affinity in my designs. All these thoughts culminated into my inspiration when I read about Hanami, the festive ritual of viewing the first blooms of cherry blossom,” says Abedin as she presents to her audience thirty three new creations enthused by all that is Japanese.

Colourful and fresh like the whiff of new spring, Abedin’s latest collection breathes life into her abayas with hues of sky blues, floral pinks, bamboo browns, leafy greens, lemons, yellows, nudes and peaches.

To lend authenticity to the Asian look she had imagined, Abedin sourced her fabrics all the way from the land of the rising sun. You will see softer, textured Japanese suede, hand-painted silks and breezy chiffons, contrasted with heavier velvets, rayons, resinated and treated fabrics including leather. For this collection, the ever-experimenting designer has dabbled with many natural dyes and handmade fabrics. On the ramp you can also see abayas in knit jersey, chiffons and lace lycras dyed in cherry water and nature dyes.

Numerous Japanese art forms and weaving techniques have also been implemented into the Hanami Collection. Abedin met up with the Japanese community in Dubai to learn their art of knotting, folding, and foroshiki – the Japanese art of gift wrapping – all of which have been used to stylise the designers’ abayas. Fan-sleeves, pleating and folding are common techniques used by Abedin in her Hanami collection.

As always, and in this collection too, Abedin has introduced a unique abaya style – the two-piece ensemble of loose-fitted trousers paired with a wrap-around top, stylised on the kimono. Wraparound styles, in fact, are a visible statement throughout the Hanami collection and will be added to other Abedin staples like portable sleeves and reversible abayas. This collection also features abayas that can be worn front-side back and vice-versa, living up to Abedin’s style of turning a single garment into multiple looks. Abedin has also used a charcoal shade of grey as a base colour for her abayas – another first in her creations.

In another first for the designer, Abedin opted to create handbags to help accessories and glamorise the Hanami abayas. Sequins, embroiders, crochets, patchworks and metallic splashes adorn the new collection. One cannot miss the many belts, ropes and chords complementing the abaya aka kimono-style.

Lamya contributed to the look of the models who walked the DFW ramp for Abedin. Jewels by UAE-based jewellery designer, Sugol Zabihi, adorned the models with classic and contemporary baubles.

“I have put a lot of effort and time in my participation in Dubai Fashion Week to ensure that my audience is given a well-deserved showing. When I finally decided to take on this opportunity, it was only natural for me to combine my creativity with a unique style that I have always cherished. With the Hanami collection I hope to have brought alive yet another of my favourite fashion expressions at a platform that provides the region its biggest venue of vogue,” says Lamya Abedin. 

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