Sunday, November 21, 2010

USA:Tara Grinna predicts swimwear trends for 2011

Tara Grinna predicts swimwear trends for 2011


Tara Grinna predicts swimwear trends for 2011

For those overwhelmed with choices on what to wear for summer 2011, swimwear designer Tara Grinna provides a glimpse of what could be the trends for Spring/Summer 2011.

“The Fashion Swim Week in Miami indicates a very colorful 2011. There’s going to be plenty of choices to play with colors. Colors like blue green, orange and shades of brown are likely to be the most popular. Turquoise and light skies blended with greens are predicted to be a great hit for 2011. Gold is another color that’s likely to rule the 2011 swimwear scene, with golden threads, golden dye et al …set to add bling to 2011, says the legendary designer.

“Besides colors geometric shapes characterized by tribal, ethnic and abstract art, unexpected colorful animal prints and beautiful abstract composites are also likely to rule the roost for 2011. Just as the last few years bandeaus and monokinis are to be a feature of 2011 as well. You could add bikinis and one piece suits to this list, she adds.

“Vintage swimwear that exudes sexiness and style and reveals just the right amount of skin is likely to make a comeback. A perfect balance is maintained between mystery and sexiness in these swimsuits. For those deciding to go bold, styles are likely to go diverse and likely to range from deep Brazilian cuts to moderate cuts, and full covered bottoms.

This year at Tara Grinna, we’ve incorporated the latest style of colors in an unexpected way and when the collection is merchandised, the color stories are eye popping variations of luscious hues that hang beautifully together so one can mix and match solids and prints or choose both.

Tara Grinna is in the swimwear industry for over 25 years now and is a respected personality known for her ability to fit and compliment almost every figure type with her body flattering silhouettes.

“Because I always have such an emotional connection to each printed fabric or dyed solid color I have chosen to use in each season’s collection, I felt as if it should be expressed and perhaps the consumer will agree that the fabric, when placed in her hands in the form a finely crafted swimsuit that has been created with a great deal of care and personal interest and will create an emotion inside her as well,” she adds. 

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